When you make the decision to move, the clock starts ticking. Don’t worry, we can help. This is a handy timeline and checklist you should tackle before your move to help insure a smooth transition. Time will be at a premium on the day’s right before your move, so be diligent in checking off these tasks.

3 - 4 Weeks Before Your Move

  • Hire Camelback Moving or for larger moves schedule a walk though. Weekends and dates at the beginning and end of the month fill up quickly. If you need a specific date it’s best to schedule early.
  • Discuss insurance coverage and options with other members of your household. Inquire with your homeowners’ policy or renter’s insurance to see what they cover. Our qualified representatives will be happy to explain basic value protection and recommend 3rd party carriers if you require full coverage insurance.
  • Create a moving binder or folder to keep track of important papers and receipts.
  • Go through closets, garage and storage to gather old or unused items. Consider selling them or donating to charity. We’ll be happy to assist with charitable donations.
  • Begin packing items that aren’t used frequently; seasonal items, rarely used items stored in attics or garages, decorative pieces.
  • Get a box-labeling system in place. Numbered boxes, color-coding by room, and a master list with inventory are key elements.

1 - 2 Weeks Before Your Move

  • How’s your packing going? If you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed now is the time to call us. We have professional packers available that would be happy to assist with as much or as little help as you need.
  • Fill out you change of address cards with the post office. Consult your list of businesses, services, credit card companies, etc. and schedule address changes on all accounts.
  • Make arrangements for child and pet care if necessary.
  • Schedule utility services to be turned on at the new house and turned off at the old house. Be sure to allow some crossover time with electricity and water services so you can come back to the old house and clean or do final walkthroughs.
  • Clean all major appliances. Put deodorizer in refrigerator and freezer.
  • Cancel or forward any newspaper or magazine subscriptions.


  • Be sure to emphasize items that require special handling.
  • Organize items that should be packed together.
  • Set aside an area and place all the items that you don’t want packed in that space. This should include medication, checkbooks, important papers, cell phone chargers, garage door openers, keys, overnight bags, children’s items, etc. Let the packers know when they arrive that these items are not to be packed. Empty closets, bathrooms, and beds work very well.

One Day Before Your Move

  • Put all refrigerator and freezer items in zip-lock bags and place them back in the refrigerator. This makes it much easier to place in the ice chest the next day.
  • Shut down and disassemble all electronics. Blue painters tape works very well to label the individual wires. Put all cords and remotes in a box and label accordingly.
  • If you’re handling your own disassemblies start a small box or bag for all misc hardware and pieces. Label accordingly.
  • Make sure you have an open box or two available for last minute items. Label them ‘open me first’.

Day of Your Move

  • Have an ice chest for drinks and the refrigerator and freezer items.
  • Be on hand to assist with any questions.
  • Use a floor plan of your new home to show movers where to put large furniture and labeled boxes. (i.e. Master Bedroom, Tom’s room).
  • Double check closets, drawers, cabinets, bathrooms, storage and attic.
  • Be responsible for your own valuables (ie: jewelry, cash, bonds, etc).
  • After everything is moved be sure to turn off the lights and double check that all doors and windows are secured.
  • Take a final walkthrough and don’t forget to check the attic, closets and all sides of the house.
  • Be prepared to pay for your services in cash, Visa, Mastercard or Discover.

After Your Move

  • Be sure to check with the Post Office for any mail that may have been held during the move.
  • Expect your quality control call from Camelback Moving. Our commitment doesn’t end just because your move has. Give us your feedback and learn about how you can earn referral bonuses for sending your friends and family to us.

Whether you need a little help with your local move or have every detail coordinated for cross-country commercial logistics, we've got you covered. With flat rates and no hidden fees, Camelback Moving is the clear choice.

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