These are specialized services and crews for fire/flood/renovation pack outs. Services include several inventory options, storage and delivery and can often be scheduled within 24 hours.

Fire/Flood/Renovation Pack Outs

Being partnered with some of the valley’s best restoration and construction companies, Camelback Moving can facilitate the safe transfer and storage of goods out of homes that require fire/flood restoration or a general renovation pack out. Because these moves demand a great attention to detail and are often performed in adverse conditions, services can take longer than normal and may require PPE for our employees.

All items will be inventoried at residence and remain padded while in storage. If required we will work with the homeowner/tenant to access their goods at our facility. The redelivery of goods is typically a much quicker process, but does require the homeowner/tenant to be present as we check off the inventory and unpack boxes.

Contact us at (602) 564-6683 for an initial consultation.

24'-26' TruckPer hour + trip charge
2 movers$210
3 movers$280
4 movers$350
Two 24'-26' TrucksPer hour + trip charge
4 movers$420
5 movers$490
6 movers$560

Please note: Overtime rates apply for any emergencies services that occur between 7:00 PM and 7:00 AM. Overtime is billed at time and a half (1.5) the normal hourly rate. Double time fees are charged for all work occurring on Sunday.


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