Camelback Moving & The Little Guys 2023 World Series Wager

Local Phoenix Company Camelback Moving Makes Friendly World Series Wager With Texas-based Little Guys Movers

Phoenix, 10/27/2023 –  Camelback Moving, based in Arizona, and Little Guys Movers, hailing from Texas, have come together in the spirit of camaraderie and philanthropy to place a friendly bet on the outcome of the World Series. In addition to a gift basket filled with cool items from the loser’s state, both companies have pledged to make $1000 charitable donations to benefit their home team’s charitable foundations: Texas Rangers (the Texas Rangers Baseball Foundation) and their opponents, the Arizona Diamondbacks (D-Backs Give Back).

The friendly wager between Camelback Moving and Little Guys Movers adds an exciting twist to the highly anticipated World Series. As the teams battle it out on the baseball field, these two moving companies have decided to engage in a friendly rivalry of their own, all for a good cause.

The terms of the wager are simple: the winning company will receive a gift basket filled with unique and cool items representing the loser’s state. This exchange of gifts not only adds an element of fun to the competition but also serves as a way to celebrate the diversity and culture of each state.

However, the true winners of this friendly bet are the charities that will benefit from the generosity of both companies. Regardless of the outcome, Camelback Moving and Little Guys Movers have each committed to making $1000 in charitable donations to their respective teams’ charitable foundations. By doing so, they aim to make a positive impact beyond the baseball field and contribute to the betterment of their respective communities.

If the Texas Rangers win, Camelback Movers will send a gift package to Little Guys HQ in Denton, TX, featuring Goldwater’s Foods of Arizona products, a company founded by the family of Barry Goldwater, the former United States Senator from the state of Arizona. If the Arizona Diamondbacks are victorious, Little Guys Movers will send an “Essence of Texas” gift package to Camelback Moving.  

“We wanted to turn this friendly wager into an opportunity to give back,” said Chad Olsen, President of Camelback Moving. “Both our companies are committed to making a difference, and this wager allows us to support charitable causes while enjoying the excitement of our very own Diamondbacks being in the World Series.”

“We’re thrilled the Rangers are back in the World Series for the first time since 2011, and this seemed like a cool way to both join in the fun and for us to give back to our community,” said Marcus Watson, President of Little Guys Movers. “We love the Rangers, and we love the work they do with their foundation.”

The World Series is not only a time for baseball fans to come together but also an opportunity for businesses to foster goodwill and support charitable causes. Camelback Moving and Little Guys Movers are leading the way by demonstrating that friendly competition can go hand in hand with philanthropy.

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Cross-state World Series

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